Tuesday, September 7, 2010

2010 Hugo statistics

There are some breakdowns of the Hugo voting and nominating over here.

Not only did I completely blow it on Stross's "Palimpsest," but I picked some real losers. Morrow's Shambling Toward Hiroshima finished last as did Avatar. I stand by Shambling, but the people have spoken, and I now accept that Avatar is a bad film. Captain Britain came in fourth in its five-nominee category.

Different strokes!

As for nominations, my three not-a-Hugo nominees came in 10th and 23rd (tie). www:Wake received the third most nominations by a healthy margin and garnered a lot of votes in the final tallies. I'm already mentally preparing myself to read www:Watch next year. I wonder if Mieville's and Bacigalupi's new novels are shoe-ins as well...


  1. Seeing the votes for www:Wake made my heart sink. I've already decided to skip www:Watch even if it's nominated. Somewhere early in his career Sawyer must have written something to get an active fan base. He sure didn't bring them in with this crap.
    I read Bacigalupi's 'Shipbreaker' last month. It's ok but not nearly as good as 'Windup Girl'. I'd be surprised if it makes it to the shortlist stage.

  2. "Palimpset" is by Catherynne M. Valente, not Stross.

  3. It's actually both! Stross's "Palimpsest" won the novella category.