Tuesday, April 29, 2014

2014 Hugo nominees announced

And they look craptastic! It seems that I picked just about the right time to discontinue this exercise. I plan to read Ancillary Justice. I may post a review.


  1. Ancillary Justice is well worth a read, and Charles Stross can be good fun, though I need to read Saturn's Children before Neptune's Brood. I'm choosing to ignore the rest of the ballot.

  2. (P.S. I wouldn't be surprised to see AJ win both the Hugo and Nebula... There were a lot of good books published in 2013, and the Nebula list is very fine, but the Hugo list is 60 percent weird choices.)

  3. I just read the first of the Grimnoir books from Correia. Not high literature by any account, but a really good shoot-em-up. I don't know if the third book (the one actually nominated) stands up but if it's of equal quality then it's not an embarrassment to the Hugos.