Friday, July 1, 2011

2011 Hugo Nominees: Dram. Pres., Short Form Wrap

Based on the grades I handed out, this is a pretty strong category, yet it somehow didn’t feel that way. The Doctor Who domination is getting a bit old…Then again, I nominated two episodes, so I’m a horrible person. I also nominated some Caprica, and the excellent pilot to the Walking Dead (short review: the pilot is damn near perfect, then the first season goes dramatically downhill; I hope the second season is better). "The Lost Thing" was a welcome nominee that I would recommend to people, “Ray Bradbury” feels more like a novelty.

In the end, I think my vote will go to “A Christmas Carol.” Yeah, some of its plot points are familiar, both from the ridiculously over-adapted Dickens’ source material and some of Moffat’s pet DW plots, but it had the best performances, some of the best visuals, it was the most fun, and it really captured that sense of wonder that I look for in my SF&F.

In summation: 1) Down with Doctor Who! 2) Hooray Doctor Who!

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  1. yeah, That might have been the first episod that I liked Matt Smith.