Friday, June 17, 2011

2011 Hugo Nominee: Graphic Story Wrap

Honestly, I don’t hate webcomics. Some of my best friends make webcomics. I’m just tired of the two webcomics in particular that seem to dominate this category to the exclusion of a very wide world of material. Manga, people! Manga! Let alone European comics, a vibrant indie scene in the US, and even decent work in the superhero world that mostly gets ignored if Neil Gaiman or Paul Cornell aren’t involved.

I’m obviously unhappy with the Hugo nominators yet again. I will say that Unwritten is great work, Grandville was decent, and I had fun with this volume of Fables, even though it’s monopolizing nominations just like Schlock and Girl Genius. But, I really want to use the “no award” option here.

I don’t vote “no award” all that often. The Hugo awards are symbolic recognitions of work. There’s not a lot at stake here, and I think it’s easy to make the mistake of taking them too seriously. Hey, I’ve devoted most of my free time for the past two years to reading and writing about them, and I don’t take them that seriously. To me, saying that something doesn’t deserve a fairly meaningless symbol of recognition is a pretty dramatic position to take, but that’s what voting for “no award” over a work is saying.

In this case, however, I’m sort of rooting for “no award” because this category’s nominators have failed so badly at their job. I may put Unwritten above it...but it’s going to be high on my ballot.

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