Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Other Hugo Bloggers

I accidentally googled my way into discovering another "Blogging the Hugos." Josh Wimmer (aka Moff) is reading and reviewing the Hugo-winning novels in chronological order over at the very fun sci-fi site, io9. He'll be posting new reviews every two weeks, and it looks like he's going a bit deeper in his observations and his analysis than my quick remarks.

And, I'll take this opportunity to mention that I've also come across the work of Sam Jordison, who started going "Back to the Hugos" in chronological order for the Guardian's website well before I did. His reviews are very entertaining, but they seem to come out very slowly and irregularly (he started in 2007, and is only 14 books in).

I'm not sure if these kind of Hugo projects pop up fairly regularly and most have just been buried in the sands of internet time, or if there's something in the zeitgeist right now to go back over the Hugos, or examine classic sci-fi, or just to tackle everything chronologically. Whatever the cause, I do think it's fun to look at these other takes.

Plus, Wimmer and Jordison are way more professional and way better at this blogging thing than I am.

UPDATE 12/02/09

This week I also discovered fellow blogspotter Das Ubernerd. Not only has he undertaken a great Hugo-reading project, and added the Nebula awards...and covered novelettes, novellas, short stories, best cover art, etc., but he's also finished (in record time, I'd say). So, congrats! He's sorted things very nicely along the side.

His nom de plume is clearly well-deserved, as the guy knows his stuff. There's also a variety of reviews at his site of all sorts of nerdy fun things.

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  1. You aren't alone! And you might be right about the zeitgeist. I started the same project (well Hugo Best Novel only) at the start of last year. Good to see someone else, and another Minnesotan to boot, do this.